Camera Control

A PTZ camera can be controlled with a remote control (may need a remote extender - wired or wireless)

Presets can be programmed for different views, although if the camera speed cannot be set, the transition could be dizzying for the viewer. (Except for the Sony SRG360SHE)

If the PTZ is an IP camera, a computer can be used to control it.

The best control is a joystick and can be used for multiple cameras.

Single Cameras can be controlled using a VISCA or LANC controller

Some camcorders have wireless built-in and can be controller over an app (only zoom in and out.)


Magnus VC-20-SCP LANC Zoom Controller & Sony AVR Adapter Cable Kit


Marshall Electronics VS-PTC-200 Compact PTZ Camera Controller

Free & Paid Live Streaming Service Providers


We offer live streaming of your event and we also offer consultation and installation.

Here is a list of Free & Paid live streaming service providers.


YouTube live streaming is free. As long as your channel is in good standing, you are allowed to stream for free on YouTube.

Pros: Pros: Free, saves the video to watch later, can embed the video on a website, download a copy, edit & trim, easy to set up events.

Cons: Lack of control over the account (could be terminated or canceled for any reason)


Pros: Pros: Free

Cons: Lack of control over the account (could be terminated or canceled for any reason), users may need to have a Facebook account to watch.


Pros: Less expensive than Livestream, easy to set up events, high quality, reliable reasonably-priced streaming device, download a copy, edit & trim, stream to both Boxcast and Facebook or YouTube (extra fee for both FB & YT)

Cons: Videos expire after one year on Boxcast, will need to download and host elsewhere to archive. (Also part of Vimeo)

Pros: High quality, can edit and download later.

Cons: Expensive, need software or hardware to stream, very expensive for account that allows for embedding.


Pros: Inexpensive to start with impressive features for the price such as embedding on your website. Flexible event pay-as-you-go plans.

Cons: Limited viewer bandwidth, can get expensive for upgrades


Pros: Reasonably priced for the features which include options that are only available with other service providers at the highest tier. Videos never expire unless the account is canceled. Includes TV apps for ROKU and Amazon Fire.

Cons: Lack of control over the account (could be terminated or canceled for any reason), any complaints about the video may cause it to be deleted without question. Limit of 7 TB of space.